Virtual Box network settings for devstack multi-node lab?

asked 2015-12-03 17:37:27 -0500

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updated 2015-12-07 22:14:11 -0500

Hi, I am trying to figure out what network settings to use for the (devstack multi-node lab) running on a single computer through multiple virtualbox machines.

I am currently using bridged connections on both the controller and the nodes and I am using Neutron networking. I am able to get to the point where I can spawn an instance of an image on one node, but when I spawn the second one, I get a failure. I can see in the syslog that the second instance is not able to connect to the AMPQ server but I'm not sure if that's the root cause of my problem.

Any suggestions on how to properly setup the networking for this problem?

I did find this answer: (

But I believe this only works for the all-in-one lab. When I spawn a second virtual box instance to the compute node, I find that there is no external network access, so I can't run

Edit: I've tried with bridged and NAT network but both are showing similar behavior.

I was able to narrow down where the problem happens though. As soon as I spawn a VM on one of the compute nodes, the other VM that isn't spawning anything loses its connection to the network.

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