Multiple nodes network traffice

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Hello guy's.

I am a bit new at to openstack networking. I have a situation in witch I have 3 physical servers on 3 different locations. I have a L3 network with different IP addresses on each of the locations.

My settup on OpenStack environment: - Node01 -> keystone,nova,neutron,glance,cinder, - Node02 -> nova,glance,cinder - Node03 -> nova,glance,cinder

Question for Implementing a one Neutron node: I am wondering how to set up my neutron node to best route the VM traffic. For example I would like network traffic between two VMs on the same node done locally on one location. Is this possible with one network node deployed on node01.

Do I need multiple neutron nodes (on node01 and node02 and node03). And how must they be configured ?

Any help would we greatly appropriated ?

Best Regards.

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