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When verifying operation after installing the neutron service, I don't see the linuxbridge agent running from my compute node.

asked 2015-12-01 13:27:48 -0500

cjhall4 gravatar image

I checked to see if the service was running using "$ status neutron-plugin-linuxbridge-agent" and it was but I don't see it when I run "$ neutron agent-list". I'm very new to this so let me know what other info you may need and I'll add it as quickly as possible.

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answered 2015-12-02 08:03:10 -0500

I'm guessing you are running the "status neutron-plugin-linuxbridge-agent" on your compute node, not the controller and it is running. If that's the case and neutron agent-list isn't showing anything, it means the agent does not communicate with the controller (the process is running on your compute node but it doesn't know where to connect to the controller or another similar issue). Can you check the neutron-linuxbridge-agent logs (on the compute node) ? Can you also check if you have the correct setting in /etc/neutron/neutron.conf on the controller node (the sections [keystone_authtoken] and the rabbit or qpid settings (whichever message bus you are using) ?

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The logs indicate that there is "No module named rabbit". I've tried to fix this by making sure pyrabbit was installed but I'm still getting the same thing after restarting services. I've verified the neutron settings on the controller node and they are all what the install guide say to make them.

cjhall4 gravatar imagecjhall4 ( 2015-12-08 14:24:31 -0500 )edit

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