the API action "attach" is missing

asked 2015-11-27 11:05:04 -0500

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the Compute 2.1 API ref at mentions the following: Attach volume (attach action) Attaches a volume to a server. Specify the "attach" action in the request body..... { "attach": { "volume_id": "15e59938-07d5-11e1-90e3-e3dffe0c5983", "device": "/dev/vdb", "disk_bus": "ide", "device_type": "cdrom" } }

the request fails with "There is no such action: attach". I searched the code a bit and indeed did not find any @wsgi.action("attach") anywhere. It seems the API document is wrong, but the backward compatibility call ( os-volume_attachments ) also fails on v2.1 ( Unexpected API Error ) , while going to success on v2.

whats the problem? Is the action name not "attach" ? Is attaching volumes to servers no longer possible ? I have used a Kilo environment for testing...

can somebody help please ?

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I also cannot find the implementation for the attach action but a v2.1 call on os-volume_attachments work for me on Liberty.

smatzek gravatar imagesmatzek ( 2015-12-11 10:27:40 -0500 )edit