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Basic OpenStack + ESXi deployment with physical Juniper EX/SRX

asked 2015-11-27 07:26:30 -0500

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I am working on simple PoC that is leveraging ESXi cluster controlled by nova compute node. The physical network is provided by Juniper network. To separate tenants 802.1q vlans will be used.

With Juniper ml2 plugin openstack can control vlans on trunks towards ESXi. L3 function will be performed by SRX.

The missing puzzle is ESXi and neutron integration. Is there a plugin that will handle ESXi part:

  • create port-groups/vlans within already provisioned vswitches/dvswitches
  • attach VM to newly created port-group?
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answered 2018-01-23 01:51:49 -0500

creating vSRX firewall on OpenStack (link text)

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