Neutron agents registering in all regions in Multi-region Liberty environment.

asked 2015-11-26 22:27:30 -0500

buster_604 gravatar image

I am building a multi-region Liberty OpenStack setup to accommodate using both KVM and vSphere compute. I have created the full KVM OpenStack and building out the 2nd vSphere region. I'm experiencing some issues where neutron agents are visible between both regions.

"neutron agent-list" shows agents in the KVM and vSphere region. Is this expected? with nova I discovered that defining "region_name=" in the [keystone_authtoken] section is ignored and I see compute registering in both regions. Nova regions are only respected when "region_name=" is defined in nova.con [default] section. I'm wondering if there is a specific way to have the neutron agents respect the regions.

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