Liberty Failed to bind port on host compute

asked 2015-11-25 07:44:52 -0600

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Another problem emerged with my openstack installation. I'm trying to launch an instance in dashboard and I'm getting this error:

No valid host was found. There are not enough hosts available

Which is the result of nova(nova-conductor) error:

RescheduledException: Build of instance 9e1028f2-6431-4749-8cec-382ffc18d33c was re-scheduled: Unexpected vif_type=binding_failed

And finally the error that produces the above:

ERROR neutron.plugins.ml2.managers [req-8fdbdd94-8383-4d32-aa30-7971edb80310 f87f19de72374188ba32b4f404d1e624 b014c389ece04289aed99576e92b7c11 - - -] Failed to bind port 9de21762-5aac-45d7-bd9f-9d665c7dfd22 on host compute

How to resolve this neutron error and ultimately the instance launch error?


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Are there any errors in the neutron logs (particularly the openvswitch agent log) on the compute node?

larsks gravatar imagelarsks ( 2015-11-25 09:31:09 -0600 )edit

First of all make sure that all the components are working

nova-manage service list
neutron agent-list
Bipin gravatar imageBipin ( 2015-11-25 21:58:47 -0600 )edit