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Deploying WordPress_Single_Instance.template with Heat installs old openssl package

asked 2013-12-11 09:29:21 -0500

vladber gravatar image

updated 2013-12-13 14:50:34 -0500

smaffulli gravatar image

On Havana I tried to deploy the WordPress_Single_Instance.template on Fedora18 and wordpress app fails due to problem to start Apache service . This caused by the old openssl version is being installed during init script .When I run manually yum update openssl and restart Apache the WordPress became functional .

How to make the wordpress VM will be deployed with most updated openssl package? Edit WordPress_Single_Instance template ?

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answered 2014-01-06 00:43:58 -0500

DennyZhang gravatar image

This address an interesting question for heat: - Scripts in UserData shall handle the difference for different OS with different versions.

So the question is shall we always set /etc/yum.repos.d/* or /etc/apt/* explicitly in UserData, according to different envrionment.

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