libvirt driver, rescue: dead code ?

asked 2015-11-24 11:50:06 -0600

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-> the flag rescue_image_id is dead code (see def rescue), still there but i think there is no case where the driver uses it because image_meta is never None (filled by nova.compute.manager.Manager._get_rescue_image)

-> meanwhile, CONF.libvirt.rescue_kernel_id and CONF.libvirt.rescue_ramdisk_id are still taken into account, which causes consistency problems

Does someone confirm ?

Even if the api offers the possibility to specify the rescue image, having this flag to specify a default rescue image when none was specified (instead of taking the rescued vm base image ) allowed to bypass problems such as the one reported here ( (for example by having a dedicated rescue image and playing with the kernel_id, ramdisk_id and os_command_line='root=UUID=<>...' property, we can make sure that the fs mounted on / is always the rescue one, no matter if the rescue disk ends up being vda, vdb or something else)

Any reason why this flag is not usable anymore ?

Thank you

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