Zone management when adding capacity in a swift cluster

asked 2015-11-24 07:52:05 -0500

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Hi all.

I'd like to understand what is the best way to add new capacity in my swift cluster. I have 3 ACO storage nodes with 33 4TB disk and each server is in a different zone. So I've currently zone1 : 132TB, zone 2 : 132TB, zone 3 : 132TB My storage capacity is now 85% full so I bought a new ACO server (named ACO4) with the same capacity to improve the cluster.

I would not like to add new zones but instead make their capacity grow, but I don't have money to buy a new ACO server for each zone.

First question : If I add my new ACO4 server in zone 1, would it really upgrade my global storage capacity regarding the "as unique as possible" storage ? zone 1 : 264TB, zone 2 : 132TB, zone 3 : 132TB.

Second question : in that case, how swift will store new files when zone 2 and 3 disks are full

Third question : Would it be better to fake the relationship between my zones and the physical location of my server and split my new ACO4 server's disks between the 3 zones (adding 11 disks in each zone), then wait for another new ACO5 server to be added in zone 2 and move the content of the 11 ACO4 disks assigned to zone 2 to ACO5 then reassign them to zone 1, and split ACO5 disk with 22 disks for zone 2 and 11 disks for zone 3, so each zone still has the same number of disks, etc...

Thanks for your suggestions.

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