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I am planning to deploy OpenStack on several computers for testing purposes. I would like to know if OpenStack can be used to manage a decentralized/distributed Cloud infrastructure ?
In other terms, having nodes on different physical sites and managing elasticity, VM migration and so on via Horizon dashboard and the dedicated API. Even though I already started playing with (devstack) (installed on Ubuntu server under VBox), I can't get a clear and global view of OpenStack (and its components) capabilities.

Thanks in advance.

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I think the short answer is "yes", with a corollary of "it will depend on your environment".

OpenStack supports a few different ways to segregate your environment: regions, cells, availability zones, and host aggregates. A good place to start reading about them is here:

For some quick real-life examples:

  • NeCTAR is a distributed OpenStack environment across Australia. They utilize "cells" for their deployment.
  • One cloud that I maintain is in two different data centers and uses "regions".
  • I was doing some testing the other day between KVM and Hyper-V. In order to support launching instances on my choice of hypervisor, I grouped each one into their own "host aggregate".

Hope that helps,


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