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Newbie: only 2 instances of heat-engine (liberty)

asked 2015-11-20 12:45:00 -0500

Nogginboink gravatar image

I'm following the Install Guide (here) and have found that the walkthrough has been very well written and easy to follow, and when I've messed up I've generally had the troubleshooting skills to find and fix the problem. However, I'm stuck at this point.

I've installed the heat engine on my controller node. The verification steps tell me I should run heat service-list and that there should be 4 instances listed.

I only have two listed in my lab.

I'm new enough to OpenStack that I don't know what that means or what I should do to fix it. Do these components do different things and therefore I need to fix it? Are these components akin to a worker thread pool and therefore I don't need to worry about it? Are these components something else entirely?

I'd appreciate the community's input.

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answered 2016-02-01 11:25:50 -0500

zaneb gravatar image

The number of workers on each server that Heat runs on is by default the same as the number of CPUs on that server. I'm not sure why the documentation says you should have exactly 4; at the moment that's only true if you have 4 CPUs.

With complex stacks, Heat performs better if there's a certain minimum number of workers. A future change (which may also get backported to Liberty) will make the minimum 4. If you are running on a single-processor dual-core box you may want to increase the number of workers, especially if you start experiencing RPC timeouts, but your installation is not broken.

You can override the number of workers per server by setting the num_engine_workers option in /etc/heat/heat.conf and then restarting heat-engine.

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Thanks for the detailed answer! Much appreciated.

Nogginboink gravatar imageNogginboink ( 2016-02-01 12:57:57 -0500 )edit

answered 2015-11-23 09:29:31 -0500

stjeanl1 gravatar image


I am having the same issue as you are.

In my case I am wondering if I am missing the two services because I didn't install the Block (cinder) and Object (swift) storage services in the previous steps as I am only working in a small lab.

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