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euca-describe-instances fails if VM has an attached cinder volume [closed]

asked 2015-11-20 09:47:02 -0500

sgaravat gravatar image

In my kilo installation I am seeing the following problem with EC2. Using the euca2ools, euca-describe-instances fails if the relevant VM has an attached volume, e.g.:

-bash-4.1$ euca-describe-instances i-00000057

InvalidVolume.NotFound: Volume vol-00000001 could not be found.

If I detach the instance, it works:

-bash-4.1$ euca-describe-instances i-00000057 ec2 RESERVATION r-l03m9400 2012c9d90512427e90e9104fbf6a4d62 INSTANCE i-00000057 ami-0000000c sgara2--4e04acbf-94ff-4990-a5bc-8af2b33a24fc running None (2012c9d90512427e90e9104fbf6a4d62, 3 m1.small 2015-10-21T13:12:22.000Z nova monitoring-disabled

Any hints ?

Thanks, Massimo

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answered 2015-11-23 04:22:13 -0500

sgaravat gravatar image

It was a configuration problem.

Basically in nova.conf in the [cinder] section there was:

endpoint_template = http://ip:8776/v2

instead of: endpoint_template = http://ip:8776/v2/%(project_id)s

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