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asked 2015-11-19 02:56:50 -0500

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hello guys. I am completely new to Openstack and cloud computing. So, please ignore if this is a silly question or if there are any mistakes. I wanted to implement a private cloud using openstack and vmware. I have found a online tutorial on how to do that. I have followed that tutorial and what I have got is, installed openstack on that laptop and I could open the dash board. Now what I want is, I want another laptop to act like a client to this laptop. I have followed the same tutorial and successfully installed openstack on that system too. My Windows OS is connected to Wifi. In ubuntu it shows a wired connection(even there is none) through which I can connect to internet. I have connected another laptop using ethernet cable and tried to do the connection manually in ubuntu. But I cannot ping each other. My question is

  • Is this a correct way to implement openstack?
  • Can I connect another laptop as I have said act like a client?
  • If not how should I do that? Please help me guys. Thank you.
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