What are the minimum requirements to run Sahara Hadoop Cluster in Liberty

asked 2015-11-17 16:21:16 -0600

Aimar47 gravatar image

Dear all,

Lately was struggling to run a Hadoop Cluster using Vanilla plugin 2.7.1 ended by different sorts of errors. I am installing OpenStack RDO Liberty from scratch and was wondering what are the minimum requirements regarding a Hadoop cluster in OpenStack using Sahara such as flavors (small, medium, large, xlarge ??). Sahara cluster hangs mostly on Starting phase and returns error. Instances keep running but Hadoop processes do not look properly running when SSH to the new instances. I am using a host with 8 CPUs and 14 GB RAM, 150 GB disk space. Instance templates are using medium image flavor (2 GB RAM, 1 VCPU and 40 GB disk space). The cluster has 1 Master Node and 3 Slaves nodes. Eventually, SSHing to the instances look very slow and can be the issue that Sahara was not able to start Hadoop processes in each instance after downloading the packages. Are they any minimum hardware requirements could be missed in the aforementioned setup ? Thanks in advance.

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