SoftwareDeployment StackValidationFailed, server not found

asked 2015-11-14 10:36:04 -0500

kevin_zhu gravatar image

I have a stack with a single server, softwareconfig and softwaredeployment and the stack failed in the software deployment phase with error:

HT-15306C5 StackValidationFailed: HT-5DEAEB8 HT-E5BC283 Property error : deployment: server HT-5DEAEB8 Error validating value u'882c7d3b-d341-46ca-87df-d65c1e54849c': HT-9D0A867 The server (882c7d3b-d341-46ca-87df-d65c1e54849c) could not be found.

So, in the Kilo release, Heat SoftwareDeployment resource type will check the existence of the server resource before it puts softwareconfig enabled on it?

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