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asked 2015-11-13 09:50:18 -0500

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My instance doesn't boot with my edited "cloud.cfg" Do I need to put them in separate files? Would this enable "ssh centos@ip-address" with password of "centos" ?


    name: centos
    lock_passwd: true
    gecos: Cloud User
    groups: [wheel, adm]
    sudo: ["ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:ALL"]
    shell: /bin/bash
  distro: rhel

password: centos
chpasswd: { expire: False }
ssh_pwauth: True

Console isn't working either. Did I add the correct line for consoling?

   grub.conf generated by anaconda
# Note that you do not have to rerun grub after making changes to this file
# NOTICE:  You have a /boot partition.  This means that
#          all kernel and initrd paths are relative to /boot/, eg.
#          root (hd0,0)
#          kernel /vmlinuz-version ro root=/dev/sda3
#          initrd /initrd-[generic-]version.img
serial --unit=0 --speed=115200
terminal --timeout=10 console serial
title CentOS 6 (2.6.32-504.el6.x86_64)
        root (hd0,0)
        kernel /vmlinuz-2.6.32-504.el6.x86_64 ro root=UUID=a396de13-a505-4356-be47-14e9e600b9f9 rd_NO_LUKS rd_NO_LVM LANG=en_US.UTF-8 rd_NO_MD SYSFONT=latarcyrheb-sun16 crashkernel=auto  KEYBOARDTYPE=pc KEYTABLE=us rd_NO_DM rhgb quiet console=tty0 console=ttyS0,115200n8
        initrd /initramfs-2.6.32-504.el6.x86_64.img

Review and any corrections for my configs will be greatly appreciated. Thanks ya'll!

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