port not usable for instance - interface-attach

asked 2015-11-13 05:10:19 -0600

santhosh thatipaly gravatar image

While trying to Attach Interfaces using the os-interfaces REST API I'm getting below exception.

Port 5cd5ed53-7924-4876-8aa8-2e6ccadcb21d not usable for instance 87565ada-2f75-4d8f-a47a-655c20a01967

I'm not sure what wrong I'm doing here. I checked the nova and neutron logs for more stack trace but I could not find any log messages for my operation.

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answered 2016-06-09 02:53:41 -0600

eblock gravatar image

I just had the same issue, found out that I had a mismatch between my environment scripts. Make sure you assign the correct project/tenant IDs, domain IDs and network IDs for the right user. I had tried to assign the port to a project ID that has no access to that network.

control1:~ # env | grep "OS_"

It's been a while since this question was posted, but I hope this helps anyway.

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