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Hi All

I am trying Mirantis Fuel 7 or OpenStack deployment.


  • Fuel Master - 2 IP (, 192.168.x.y, Gateway - 192.168.x.z)
  • Fuel slaves - 2
  • Using virtualbox scripts to spawn these VMs.
  • Host OS - Ubuntu 14.04

Issue:I am not able to access Fuel UI at any of the below URLs http://192.168.x.y:8443 http://192.168.x.y:8000


Network Error (tcp_error)
A communication error occurred: "Connection refused"
The Web Server may be down, too busy, or experiencing other problems preventing it from responding to requests. You may wish to try again at a later time.
For assistance, contact your network support team.

Connectivity checks:

  • Can telnet into 8000 and 8443 from localhost and from outside of Fuel master
  • Can ping google from Fuel Master
  • Can ping physical machine from Fuel master
  • Can ping from physical machine
  • Cannot ping 192.168.x.y from physical machine

I have tried restarting nailgun and nginx server and all docker containers.

dockerctl restart nailgun
dockerctl destroy nginx
dockerctl start nginx
dockerctl destroy all
dockerctl build all

I have tried v6.1 and facing the same issue there.

I tried the command

[root@fuel ~]# fuel nodes
DEPRECATION WARNING: /etc/fuel/client/config.yaml exists and will be used as the source for settings. This behavior is deprecated. Please specify the path to your custom settings file in the FUELCLIENT_CUSTOM_SETTINGS environment variable.

            Can't connect to Nailgun server!
            Please modify "SERVER_ADDRESS" and "LISTEN_PORT"
            in the file /etc/fuel/client/config.yaml
[root@fuel ~]#

But nailgun is running.

[root@fuel ~]# dockerctl check nailgun
checking container nailgun
checking with command "shell_container nailgun supervisorctl status nailgun | grep -q RUNNING"
try number 1
return code is 1
try number 2
return code is 1
try number 3
return code is 1
try number 4
return code is 1
try number 5
return code is 1
try number 6
return code is 1
try number 7
return code is 1
try number 8
return code is 1
try number 9
return code is 1
try number 10
return code is 1
try number 11
return code is 1
try number 12
return code is 1
checking with command "! shell_container nailgun pgrep puppet"
nailgun is ready

Any pointers as to how to solve this will be appreciated.

Update: my astute.yaml

DNS_DOMAIN: domain.tld
DNS_SEARCH: domain.tld
NTP1: time.nist.gov
NTP2: time-a.nist.gov
NTP3: time-b.nist.gov
  interface: eth0
  size: '256'
  user: admin
  password: admin
uid: master
TEST_DNS: www.google.com
  password: naily
  user: naily
  password: cobbler
  user: cobbler
  admin_token: admin
mcollective ...
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Janki, can you show please the content of file astute.yaml ?

Fsoppelsa gravatar imageFsoppelsa ( 2015-11-12 07:11:45 -0500 )edit

Added astute.yaml file contents in question..

Janki gravatar imageJanki ( 2015-11-12 23:05:57 -0500 )edit