Network Tab is missing in Openstack dashboard

asked 2015-11-10 00:50:35 -0500

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updated 2015-11-10 22:26:15 -0500

I have successfully configured MAAS and JUJU and after that I have executed following commands;

juju deploy --to lxc:0 mysql;
juju deploy --to lxc:0 keystone;
juju deploy --to lxc:0 nova-cloud-controller;
juju deploy --to lxc:0 glance; juju deploy --to lxc:0 rabbitmq-server;
juju deploy --to lxc:0 openstack-dashboard;
juju deploy --to lxc:0 cinder;
juju deploy nova-compute;

juju add-relation mysql keystone;
juju add-relation nova-cloud-controller mysql;
juju add-relation nova-cloud-controller rabbitmq-server;
juju add-relation nova-cloud-controller glance;
juju add-relation nova-cloud-controller keystone;
juju add-relation nova-compute nova-cloud-controller;
juju add-relation nova-compute mysql;
juju add-relation nova-compute rabbitmq-server:amqp;
juju add-relation nova-compute glance;
juju add-relation glance mysql;
juju add-relation glance keystone;
juju add-relation glance cinder;
juju add-relation mysql cinder;
juju add-relation cinder rabbitmq-server;
juju add-relation cinder nova-cloud-controller;
juju add-relation cinder keystone;
juju add-relation openstack-dashboard keystone;

After this I am able to login to horizon dashboard and successfully made few instances in the openstack dashboard.

However could not allocate floating ips to them.

All I can figure-out is that neutron gateway is missing. Can anybody guide me step by step how to deploy and configure NEUTRON gateway ?? and make the things working.

Also I am unable to see Network tab in Horizon Dashboard.

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