Packet routing within compute node

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According to diagram in Figure 12.2 in Network troubleshooting all packets are routed to networking node or a node that has l3-agent or dhcp-agent.

What happens when a packet is address to another VM within a compute node? Does the packet have to travel to network node?

What happens for different deployment strategies of neutron? For example, how the diagram is changing when l3-agent is deployed within each compute node, as a single instance (in controller/network node) or at several network nodes?

Thank you, L

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First see :-
to understand basics concepts
Compilation , based on ( [1] && [2] ) and and step by step practical "howto" addressing your last question :-
DVR Configuration (Distributed Virtual Router)
Each Compute is running neutron-l3-agent,neutron-metadata-agent, neutron-openvswittch-agent
See :-
Detailed picture of Neutron workflow on Compute Node (DVR Setup)
image description
Two Network Nodes ( 2 Neutron L3-agents each one it's own Network Node VRRP setup)
Neutron workflow : Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) Setup
image description

Mitaka Openstack release should provide option create HA && DVR Neutron router at a time
Commit is already in upstream neutron git repo. See :-
Addresing your first question :-
With L2pop enabled along with ARP Proxy's (arp_responder=true) active at L2 Layer the answer is "no".

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answered 2015-11-03 15:01:29 -0500

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You need to specify your OpenStack release (juno, kilo, liberty) and networking mode (nova-network, DVR). You can find answer to some of your questions at [1]. For my setup I usually refer to [2].

[1] [2]

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