Where can I download MirantisOpenStack-6.1-upgrade.tar.lrz? [closed]

asked 2015-10-30 07:05:51 -0600


We need to upgrade fuel from 6.0 to 7.0 and from what I can see we need to upgrade to 6.1 before we can then go to 7. The file in question looks to be MirantisOpenStack-6.1-upgrade.tar.lrz but when I try to download it from the Mirantis website it times out. Possibly the file has been deleted.

Are there any other locations I can get it from?



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Ok, the file is now back online on the Mirantis website. I successfully upgrade from 6.0 to 6.1 and then 6.1 to 7.0.

Stace Hipperson gravatar imageStace Hipperson ( 2015-11-01 09:15:07 -0600 )edit