Cinder + Ceph - Deduplication?

asked 2015-10-28 12:27:48 -0500


we've set up a test cluster, we've configured Cinder with Ceph. Ceph has 3 OSD nodes. I've created 3 volumes in Horizon and started 3 instances with a Ubuntu 14.04 image. Everything works fine.

Like I understand Ceph should have deduplication, all 3 block devices on the storage have the same files on it but it seems that the Ceph cluster locating the file space for 3 times (3x ~ 800MB). But I thought it should locate the most blocks only one time on the Ceph storage.

Do I need to change some settings to use the deduplication feature for the block devices or is it not possible with Cinder?

Best regards, Alexander Birkner

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