OpenDaylight and Openstack - Can't connect node to an ovs

asked 2015-10-27 09:38:23 -0600

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Hi all, I'm integrating OpenStack via DevStack with OpenDaylight. I'm using DevStack Kilo and OpenDaylight Lithium. In a server I have 5 VMs:

VM1: eth0 eth1 This is my OpenStack Controller+compute.

VM2: eth0 eth1 Compute node

VM3: eth0 eth1 Compute node

VM4: eth0 ODL Controller

VM7: eth0 eth1 eth2 eth3 OpenVSwitch

I consider eth0 the mgmt network (I also use this address to access via ssh into the VMs) and eth1 the data network (VM1 eth1 is connected to OVS eth1, VM2 eth1 is connected to OVS eth2, VM3 eth1 is connected to OVS eth3). This network works properly, I've checked.

But, when I stack VM1, vm2 and VM3 I see:

  • From DLux that the virtual switches inside the compute nodes are connected each other (like a ring topology) and my OVS is isolated.

  • When I launch instances they are correctly created, but if I ping them (e.g. Instance1 in VM1 and Instance2 in VM2) the traffic goes through the mgmt network (eth0).

What I want is that the traffic passes through my data network. Can you give me some suggestions?

Thank you



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