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asked 2015-10-27 09:32:13 -0500

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Is it possible to create a role within Openstack so that they can create their own projects/tenants as though they are a reseller of our service? So in essence, they can create a new tenant/project which can only be access by the new tenant. Then they can only see the projects/tenants they have created themselves?



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answered 2015-11-03 07:25:30 -0500

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Well you can do this if you are using keystone v3 and domains. But it is not fully suported by all openstack services.

In theory you create a cloud admin that has access to all deployment. You create a domain for the reseller and give admin role to that domain to the user. He can now create users and project inside his domain only,

The problem is horizon doesn't support domain scope tokens without some patches. And as i understood they will change keystones domain scope tokens function so i would wait and see what directions they take.

We dropped domains untill further notice from our enveironment.

There are some tutorials online on how to achieve domains in openstack using keystone v3.

At a first search i came out with this link text but there are other tutorials too.

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