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swift and keystone backup

asked 2013-12-09 16:59:35 -0500

henry1987 gravatar image

I used keystone as my authentication node for an OpenStack Swift Cluster. In case my keystone node fails, I would like to re-install keystone from scratch, what should I recover from my backup? Or what should I back up so that after I re-install keystone from scratch, I can still have a working Swift Cluster?

I knows that Swift relies on "Account" or ( "tenant" according to Keystone ) to work. Swift needs AUTH_"ACCOUNT_ID" to get the hash for an account, container, and objects etc. So my minimal back are only the ids for each account in terms of swift (tenant in terms of keystone), I don't need to back any other on keystone node to make my swift work again, is that right?

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answered 2013-12-09 21:53:48 -0500

koolhead17 gravatar image



If you have to use only Swift+Keystone then you only need to create tenant, user, role, URL associated with the Swift service.

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