redhat RDO enable access to swift via S3

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I'm running the latest RDO build and am having issues setting up S3 access.

It looks like the S3 middleware packages are present , but am having trouble setting up the proxy server to get it working.

I've setup proxy with these additional entries as follows:

use = egg:swift3#swift3

paste.filter_factory = keystonemiddleware.s3_token:filter_factory
auth_port = 35357
auth_host =
auth_protocol = http

also set

pipeline = catch_errors bulk healthcheck swift3 cache crossdomain ratelimit authtoken keystone staticweb tempurl slo formpost account_quotas container_quotas proxy-server

I cannot get a connection via any S3 client - (my use case is windows based s3 clients) Cyberduck, Cloudberry all have the same errors - access denied Ive en tried Dragondrive on linux without success - same problem

So i guess it must be what I'm using for access credentials, I've tried tenantname:username tenantid:ec2accesskey

so if someone can point me to exactly how to configure an S3 connection to openstack swift on RDO, I would really appreciate it

any guidance or feedback is really appreciated


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answered 2016-08-18 13:38:57 -0500

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The documentation for configuring an S3 connection to OpenStack Swift is here:

Unfortunately, this doc doesn't appear to exist in newer versions of the documentation (ie, with newton or mitaka on that URL rather than liberty)

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