Anyone successfully deploy Mirantis 7 with vmware

asked 2015-10-22 18:30:41 -0600

rickb gravatar image

I have been trying to go through the Mirantis 7 deployment with vmware based on this tutorial with the vApp ( but with no success.

I am using a dedicated Dell server and have tripiled the RAM and CPU of all the vm in the vApp but I get to 100% deployment and then it errors out. The nodes do show ready but the home dashboard will 100% and then error.

I did find some networking issue where the NTP server could not be reached (which was surprising that it would fail because of this.) but that was while the nodes where still at 80% complete. Now that the nodes are getting past that I am getting different random failure each time.

One node will show something like this (/Stage[main]/Heat::Keystone::Domain/Keystone_user_role[heat_admin@::heat]) /usr/bin/puppet:4:in `<main>' One node will show something like this:

(/Stage[main]/Sahara_templates::Create_templates/Sahara_node_group_template[cdh-5-manager]) Could not evaluate: Oops - not sure what happened: 757: unexpected token at '503 Service Unavailable

Another one will show this (/Stage[main]/Heat::Keystone::Domain/Keystone_user_role[heat_admin@::heat]) Could not evaluate: Command: 'openstack role list --quiet --format csv --domain heat --user b8b450cc5e00400698c1b5c1489ed7f7' has been running for more then 10 seconds!

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