Why do all Instances in the openstack dashboard get launched on a single machine?

asked 2015-10-22 16:14:18 -0600

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I have setup a MAAS environment with 7 total nodes among which 1 is running the MAAS and remaining 6 are available.the first machine is with 1 nic and 1 disc =, all other machines with 2 discs and only the 3rd and 6th machine with two nics.

When I try to launch multiple instaces (instance count) on openstack dashboard, all appear to be launched on a single machine. why isnt all that being distributed across the 6 machines I have? the 5th and 6th machine were not even deployed during the installation of openstack? Is there a way that I can add them to my cloud and when I launch instances they get spread over multiple machines?

Also, the maximum number of instances(instance count) that dashboard allows me are 8 (small flavor). How can I launch 'say 50 instance counts' ?

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answered 2015-10-23 06:55:58 -0600

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The Maximum number of Instance creation is not depending on Horizon dashboard, but your Compute node resource matters.

As you said, all the VMs are being created in one compute node, So your compute node might have only ~16GB (8 x 2GB RAM) which can provision only 8 small flavor VMs. You could increase the VM count using RAM commit ratio.

Also, check the nova-scheduler.log to know why the remaining compute nodes are being ignored for VM creation.

Regards, Vinoth

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