Why openstack multi-install is choosing only 4 nodes from a MAAS cluster of 6 nodes

asked 2015-10-22 16:05:43 -0500

ubchaudhry gravatar image

I have setup a MAAS environment with 7 total nodes among which 1 is running the MAAS and remaining 6 are available. when I choose multi-install option of openstack, it chooses the first 4 nodes and starts deploying services on it but the remaining 2 nodes do not turn on nor are being used. Even in MAAS they are in ready state. the first machine is with 1 nic and 1 disc =, all other machines with 2 discs and only the 3rd and 6th machine with two nics.

Once multi-install deploys all services by default, can I somehow add the remaing two machines to the cloud? How would that be done?

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