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I have got a problem with cinder, more specifically cinder quota command. If i try to issue a cinder quota-show <tenant_id> i get the following error Tenant ID: xxxxx does not exist. (HTTP 404) , where xxxxx is my project id. I tried with resfull api calls too and the same answer, so it's not a cinderclient problem.

Nova quota works, neutron quota workd, only cinder is giving me a headache.

I upgraded form kilo to liberty a few days ago and this problem showed up!

Please a little help because it's driving me crazy!


Keystone endpoint was set to http://host:5000 and http://host:35357 for pulbic and admin. So every service would choose automaticly what api version was most suited for it. This config worked in KILO.

After updating to LIBERTY, this config brakes cinder quota (i believe it doesnt choose the right api version), hence the tenantid not found. If i change keystone endpoints to http://host:5000/v2.0 and http://host:35357/v2.0 (or /v3), cinder quota starts to work as it should. But i can't understand what has changed!

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