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Authentication required using multiregion (2 region with 1 keystone)

asked 2013-12-09 10:19:23 -0500

rg3 gravatar image

Hi everybody, I have a question about using multiple region with openstack and devstack. I configured two openstack installations, I'm a using full installation another I'm using full installation devstack. I followed this tutorial to installation: I tested both of them work correctly. After that I've tried test the multiregion functionalities, I'm using this configuration (can you see in the attachment): In the first region have the services: cinder, nova, glance and keystone. The second region have: neutron. First I created a endpoint to service network user neutron to region 2. After that, I changed the configurations files, for the autentication to be it for the keystone of region one of neutron on second installation. When I try run this neutron router-list or another command about neutron return me this message: Authentication required. And I don't understand why the auth token failed. But if I run the keystone catalog, keystone endpoint-list work well. Note that I haven't any network configured in any installation openstack. Best Regards, Rafael

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answered 2013-12-17 03:59:34 -0500

rg3 gravatar image

Thanks a lot you're right about that. Best Regards, Rafael.

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answered 2013-12-13 01:12:56 -0500

jtopjian gravatar image


The following question/answer might be able to help:

It sounds like you need to add a Keystone endpoint for your second region. The URLs can be the exact same as the Keystone endpoint in your first region.

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