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Has anyone tried Ubuntu 13.10 which includes Havana?

asked 2013-12-09 06:47:26 -0500

sngirame gravatar image

Got to know about Ubuntu Server 13.10 which includes the Havana release of OpenStack

Has anyone tried installing this? How does it really work? Does installing OS also installs openstack services? What if i need to create multi node setup?

I really could not find much on ubuntu site hence posted the query here.

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sngirame gravatar imagesngirame ( 2013-12-11 07:38:33 -0500 )edit

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answered 2013-12-16 11:38:38 -0500

smaffulli gravatar image

The answer is yes, it should work. Please try to ask questions about specific problems on this site. Try to install Ubuntu and its cloud-archive and let us know where things break. It should work.

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