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how to configure Flexible NetFlow(or Sflow) on OVS) on ovs

asked 2015-10-19 07:51:35 -0500

Veerendra gravatar image

How to configure Collector and Exporter to get the Netflow on OVS.

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answered 2015-10-23 07:16:50 -0500

Vinoth gravatar image

We could directly set enable sFlow and its collector configuration on OVS using CLI but it is little messy. So I make use of hsflow module, This will take care of collector info and will send all system info (including OVS) to the sFlow collector.

Enabling sFlow on OVS:

Install sFlow collector on any machine. ( I prefer sFlow-RT)

Install hsflowd (host sflow module to collect host info) download link here

Edit the Host sFlow agent configuration file, /etc/hsflowd.conf, on each Linux server:

  DNSSD = off
  polling = 20
  sampling = 512
   ip = #sflow collector IP
   udpport = 6343

service hsflowd restart #starting host sflow module

service sflowovsd start #enabling sFlow on OVS.

That's it, all done. Now you could see the all OVS info on your sflow collector.

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answered 2015-12-21 23:53:10 -0500

Veerendra gravatar image

updated 2015-12-21 23:57:03 -0500

Another way to configure sFlow:


ovs-vsctl -- --id=@sflow create sflow agent=${AGENT_IP} \
sampling=${SAMPLING_N} polling=${POLLING_SECS} -- set bridge br-int sflow=@sflow

To remove sFlow use following command:

ovs-vsctl remove bridge <BRIDGE NAME> sflow <sFlow UUID>

To view sFlow configuration:

 ovs-vsctl list sflow

Here is the some sFlow Collectors(GUI): Here

If you want a tool like "nfdump"(Analyzer Tool for Netflow), you can use this:

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