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kolla : unable to build images

asked 2015-10-15 05:55:54 -0600

jeromepin gravatar image


I'm trying to deploy kolla containers for 2 weeks, and I'm not able to build any images.

I'm using (this guide) and when I run the command ./tools/kolla-ansible deploy, it's end up by telling

Failed with status: error

And it's the same thing when i'm trying to build one image (e.g 'base').

I have tried instructions provided by 'Manoj' (here) (step 4+5) but regardless the type (source or binary) or the base os (centos, ubuntu, etc...), it always fails.

The main purpose of containers isn't the ability to run out-of-the box, without building it ?

Besides my issue, if yiu are using Kolla, can you tell me whhy ? And how ? If not, how did you deploy openstack ?


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answered 2016-12-08 00:09:30 -0600

sayantani.goswami gravatar image

kolla builds container images for deploying containers for various openstack services . kolla-ansible uses ansible playbooks to deploy these containers which run the openstack services.

Also, we are not building containers. We are building images using kolla which are used by kolla-ansible to run containers.

Few pointers:

Make sure the base and type is same while building and deploying images. (i.e in build.conf and globals.yml) Make sure you use two NICs on the hosts. Also, the kolla_internal_vip_address must be unique in your network. Once openstack is deployed, the various openstack service endpoints can be accessed using this IP.

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