Is it possible to conflict and inconsistency between tenant network vlan and datacenter infrastructure vlan?

asked 2015-10-14 00:42:07 -0600

sara-kh gravatar image

Hi; I have installed openstack on 3 servers. One for controller and network the remaining two servers for computing. I used openstack neutron for networking with linux bridging plugin. The tenant network type is vlan and external network type is flat. I have installed openstack remotely and unable to modify physical switches and routers. The openstack use one vlan in datacenter with id 20 . The problem is that my two instance reside on two physical compute node cannot ping each other !!. I have checked the security rules and these two instances belong to one logical vlan. I want to know is there any conflict and inconsistency between my tenant network vlan and infrastructure vlan? The logical vlan id is 30 and datacenter vlan is 20. Thank you

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