How to change hostname/local-hostname/public-hostname in metadata

asked 2015-10-09 17:37:16 -0500

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how can I change the values of:

  • hostname
  • local-hostname
  • public-hostname

from metadata.

I've tried:

nova meta e2f27ea8-108c-436c-bae1-ecb08826011b set hostname='newname.novalocal'

But when I review the values as mentioned here [1] the values are not refreshed.

[1] (


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answered 2016-01-05 11:56:46 -0500

Radhakrishnan Rk gravatar image

Hi, 1.We can add our custom domain name in neutron dhcp agent conf file, /etc/neutron/dhcp_agent.ini image description
Restart neutron dhcp agent. service neutron-dhcp-agent restart 2.Add dhcp_domain=<your custom="" domain="" name=""> in /etc/nova/nova.conf as given below. image description Restart compute services.

Thanks and Regards, Radhakrishnan.R

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answered 2015-10-09 18:24:47 -0500

herrsergio gravatar image

I figured out how to change it in nova database:

UPDATE instances SET hostname="newname" WHERE uuid='e2f27ea8-108c-436c-bae1-ecb08826011b';

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Fine :-) .If you would like to have the common fqdn for the servers provisioned by our openstack compute nodes,you can prefer the configs suggested above instead of writing in your user-data cloud init script or putting a manual entry in DB.

Radhakrishnan Rk gravatar imageRadhakrishnan Rk ( 2016-01-06 06:21:05 -0500 )edit

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