[Nova-compute][libvirt] Extending Nova-Compute for image prefetching

asked 2015-10-08 06:46:16 -0500

webking gravatar image

Hi all, I'm considering to extend the Nova-Compute API in order to provide image-prefetching capabilities to OS. In order to allow image prefetching, I ended up with the need to add three different APIs on the nova-compute nodes: 1. Trigger an image prefetching 2. List prefetched images 3. Delete a prefetched image

About the point 1 I saw I can re-use the libvirt driver function _create_image() to trigger the image prefetching. However, this approach will not store any information about the stored image locally. This leads to an issue: how do I retrieve a list of already fetched images? A quick and simple possibility would be having a local file, storing information about the fetched images. Would it be acceptable? Is there any best practice in OS community?

Any ideas? Ty, Alberto

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