Unable to associate floating ip into instance using Nova Cells and nova-network

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We've a Liberty/stable deployment from git repository using nova cells and nova-network on each compute cell. We are able to perform standard operations such as start, suspend, terminate vms, etc. but unable to associate a floating ip to it. Checking the source code is clear that this operation is supported in Nova Cells although this method is not called in our setup - we've added logging to this method.

Investigating a bit further we found out that floating ip association is done via the network api and it is not linked to the cell api call. We've tried to change the network_api_class in nova.conf on the API Cell pointing to ComputeCellsAPI as the documentation shows the same for compute_api_class but no luck. In our setup we've nova-network running on each compute cell and floating ip management is done on the api cell.

Here are my nova.conf files:

API Cell: http://paste.openstack.org/show/9lyKm...

Compute Cell (All-in-one installation): http://paste.openstack.org/show/iXQCv...

Is there a way to enable floating ips association in a Nova Cell architecture using nova-network?

Many thanks, Bruno.

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