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Unauthorized command when using neutron-rootwrap for neutron-dhcp

asked 2015-10-07 01:08:57 -0500

fhussain gravatar image

I have installed OpenStack Juno via devstack. I see this error when starting neutron-dhcp:

ERROR neutron.agent.linux.utils [-]
Command: ['sudo', '/usr/local/bin/neutron-rootwrap', '/etc/neutron/rootwrap.conf', 'kill', '-9', '103445']
Exit code: 99
Stdout: ''
Stderr: '/usr/local/bin/neutron-rootwrap: Unauthorized command: kill -9 103445 (no filter matched)\n'
2015-10-07 11:04:22.746 ERROR neutron.agent.dhcp_agent [-] Unable to enable dhcp for 8edf253b-c6a5-4c77-b58d-109e7e52f1e4.

Please help me resolve the issue.

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answered 2016-12-27 21:48:03 -0500

There is no filter matched. root_wrap.conf specified the *.filter file path like 'filters_path=/etc/neutron/rootwrap.d,/usr/share/neutron/rootwrap', so add the correct command rules in filter file. Something like this:

# dhcp-agent
dnsmasq: EnvFilter, dnsmasq, root, NEUTRON_NETWORK_ID=
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