How I can optimized a Cluster for simulations using CentOS, KVM and OpenStack? (target is scalability)

asked 2015-10-05 03:00:20 -0600

Good morning,

I want to use OpenStack to construct my own cluster. The scope of my cluster is to serve for simulations domain. To made my cluster I want to use the next configuration: 1. CentOS 7 server (or minimal); 2. OpenStack (for control of scalability from cluster); 3. KVM (for virtual machine)

Somebody can tell me if I will buy a physical servers how to distribute better the software on them? (keep in mind that OpenStack must have compute, storage, networking; and I want that my cluster to be scalable for simulations).

My purpose is to made a "base" for my cluster in which speed of system is my target.

I waiting your suggestions/recommendations/opinions regards to cluster construction. Thanks to all members of community for support. Keep in touch.

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