how to establish gre tunnel with external machine

asked 2015-10-01 12:30:07 -0600

nF gravatar image

Hello, everybody. I'm a newbie of OpenStack, and I want to manage to establish gre tunneling.

The scenario is L2 connection between OpenStack instance and external, not a OpenStack node, machine.

But when I searched about gre tunnel, the thing what I found was something different: gre tunneling between OpenStack nodes or two linux nodes. There is no example about tunneling between OpenStack instance and linux node, at least my sight :(

I've found the guy who seems having similar issue with me, but I can not getting any information. ( (

One of my collegue, who has experience about operating OpenStack, told me that If I can modify br-tun, maybe I can do that. However, I can't find how to do.

Thus I'm stucked several days :(

Does anybody can give me a advice?

Any comment will be helpful to me, thanks.

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