How to verify network connections to instances in load balancing pool?

asked 2015-10-01 09:58:52 -0600

I'm trying to configure a stack with a load balanced pool, using Trusty Ubuntu Cloud Server images.

I can ping (from the Host Server) the Load Balancer interfaces on the the public and private network segments. But when I try to ping or ssh to the private addresses of my pool members, I get "no route to host".

I am able to use the VNC console to see the hosts, and during the boot there are some comments about "waiting for network". However, I have not been able to log in directly, (as the intention seems to be to use SSH and not a local login), but as I said in the last paragraph, I cannot SSH.

I would like to know either:

  1. Is there a good guide to setting up the networking aspects of a Load Balancer in Open Stack, (or how the network should be configured)?
  2. Is there a way to set a password in the VM image, so that I can login directly to check the network configuration from within the VM?
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