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Proper installation guide for lbaas in juno

asked 2015-10-01 03:59:01 -0500

zekken gravatar image

I have 3 node Openstack Setup. I want to configure lbaas on my existing Openstack setup, but I am not finding any solid installation guide of lbaas for juno on Ubuntu. I am unable to understand which services should be installed on which node, etc. Also there is nothing like lbaas in openstack juno installation guide : Please help

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answered 2015-10-01 04:17:14 -0500

soumitrakarmakar gravatar image

Install the openstack-neutron-lbaas package on controller and neutron node then configure the /etc/neutron/lbaas_agent.ini and set the device_driver = in the default section then systemctl enable neutron-lbaas-agent.service , systemctl start neutron-lbaas-agent.service in the neutron node

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By openstack-neutron-lbaas package do you mean the neutron-lbaas-agent? The lbaas_agent.ini file has to be configured in which node?

zekken gravatar imagezekken ( 2015-10-01 04:45:11 -0500 )edit

In both nodes , controller and neutron but start the lbaas agent in neutron node.

soumitrakarmakar gravatar imagesoumitrakarmakar ( 2015-10-01 05:46:18 -0500 )edit

openstack-neutron-lbaas is the package

soumitrakarmakar gravatar imagesoumitrakarmakar ( 2015-10-01 05:48:03 -0500 )edit

Why install on Compute node? I didn't understand? And there is no package as openstack-neutron-lbaas in the ubuntu repository

zekken gravatar imagezekken ( 2015-10-01 05:50:28 -0500 )edit

Sorry not compute node neutron node

soumitrakarmakar gravatar imagesoumitrakarmakar ( 2015-10-01 06:25:44 -0500 )edit

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