How to attach a network shared drive as volume to Cloud instance ?

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I have installed devstack on my ubuntu 13.04 version and created a cloud instance using the Openstack dashboard.

Now my requirement is to attach a volume to the cloud instance created. I followed the steps mentioned inthe documents and able to create and attach the volume of 5 GB.

I tried to create another volume of 5GB -> But this time it failed.

Now i mounted a drive of 10GB which is shared from windows PC in my lan and im able to read and write that drive from my UBUNTU 13.04 system.

I again tried to create a volume on my cloud instance usind the dashboard with 5GB and stil i showed an error in the dashboard.

My Question is.. Can i attach a volume of my own to the created cloud instance. My requirement is to attach a volume (A drive shared over the network by other system ) that i have mounted on my system to the created cloud instance.

Can you please let me know how to accomplish this. Thanks a lot.

Sri Tej.

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