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Can I use Floating IP:Port?

asked 2015-09-29 04:05:05 -0500

Forge gravatar image

Are Floating IP's port-mapped 1:1 with the private IP of the instance?

e.g. Does floating ip: map with private ip:

In other words, can I forward packets coming in on that floating ip port to a second instance using the 10001 port?

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answered 2015-09-29 04:39:12 -0500

capsali gravatar image

FIP's are 1:1 NAT on one port (private IP) on an instance. So from what i know you can not forward an ip port to another instance.

When you associate a FIP you select what private IP you bind that FIP to.

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What I mean is, can I use the FIP:10001 and will it be NAT'ed to PIP:10001 or will the packet just be dropped?

Forge gravatar imageForge ( 2015-09-29 04:53:47 -0500 )edit
1 assign a FIP to a private IP on an instance. By default all incoming ports are blocked. You need to create a security group rule for a port to be forwarded to the instance and assign that security group to the instance.

capsali gravatar imagecapsali ( 2015-09-29 06:08:19 -0500 )edit

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