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Hi Everybody,

I am trying to make a single machine openstack cloud server to work as 'SaaS' provider on the local area network I have installed Openstack using Devstack script But the dashboard does not show networking tab My question is: Do we need networking tab for my scenario If yes, how do I bring up the networking tab If yes, do I need nova or neutron in my simple one machine environment In both cases, how would I launch as instance.

Kindly help. I would greatly appreciate. Thanks


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answered 2015-09-29 08:12:27 -0600

The case might be that you have installed only nova network and neutron is not installed. Go to system and check for the settings there it would list all the services that are currently active in your instance.
It might be better to use neutron but again depends to what you want to achieve. check the neutron features and if your applications needs those go for it.

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