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resize image issue kilo (rdo)

asked 2015-09-28 02:22:27 -0600

Anario gravatar image

Hi guys,

after several installation of rdo i found that resize image is not working properly. Openstack deployed on 1xController,2xcompute and 1xNetwork.

after successful installation of rdo "resize image" doesn't work. I fix it from this link

Now i can only increase ram, count of vcpu, but capacity of hard drives is still the same.

any idea ?

Thanks in advance.

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answered 2015-09-30 08:57:56 -0600

Goran M gravatar image

updated 2015-09-30 10:11:40 -0600

I had similar issue on Juno, for Centos 6 instances. The cloud-init failed to resize the root partition during provisioning, and it turn out that it needs the following packages to do that: cloud-utils and cloud-utils-growpart. Those are part of the EPEL repo for Centos/RHEL. For some reason they were missing from the image.

More details here: (

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