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why keystone CLI client is deprecated

asked 2015-09-28 01:42:40 -0500

VMehta gravatar image

We are deploying Devstack on Private cloud. While creating Tenant, we are getting warning message that "Keystone Client is deprecated ". We found out that we need to use Opesnstack Unified Cient (OSC).

Question is Why Keystone CLI client is deprecated in favor of OSC, and not other service CLI clients as Nova, Neutron ...

plz help regs Vadan

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answered 2015-09-28 22:42:46 -0500

updated 2015-09-29 12:44:11 -0500

smaffulli gravatar image

My guess: The keystone CLI was deprecated first because the author of the openstack CLI is also a (the?) main developer of Keystone. Besides, the keystone CLI still uses the term "tenant" everywhere and requires a major facelift.

See also the author's blog entry.

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answered 2015-09-29 23:43:23 -0500

Every service is supposed to deprecate thier respective clients and CLI for openstack servics should migrate to openstack client. Only keystone migrated thier CLI to openstack client. All the other services are way behind in thier support for openstack client. Ultimate goal is to deprecate nova/glance/heat/.. cli and move all their functionality to openstack cli client. As an enduser, you need to have only one cli client installed in your system

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answered 2015-10-07 01:34:23 -0500

VMehta gravatar image

Thanks Haneef for clarification.

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