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Container sync from Rackspace CloudFiles

asked 2015-09-23 15:53:21 -0500

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I would like to sync my containers that are currently located on CloudFiles. I would like CloudFiles to be the source and push the updated containers to my private Swift cluster.

I have found the following article on how to push data to CloudFiles. (

  • I am looking for information on how to do the reverse.. pushing object from CloudFiles to my Swift cluster.
  • Also I am curious how often the syncing process is initiated on cloudfiles.

I have configured my cluster to accept the rackspace api url via container-server.conf.



and I have set the headers via the following script

container = pyrax_connection.cloudfiles.get_container(container_name)

log.debug('Got all the container.  About to check metadata on container_name {0}...'.format(container_name))

d = container.get_metadata()'Metadata...{0}'.format(d))

sync_host_header = d.get('x_container_sync_to')

log.debug('{0} has valid sync_host header? {1}'.format(
    sync_host_header and sync_host_header == sync_host))

set_header = True

if sync_host_header is not None:
    if sync_host in sync_host_header:
        set_header = False
if set_header:"Setting Sync headers on {0}.".format(container))

    sync_container_header = sync_host + container_name

        'X-Container-Sync-To': sync_container_header})
        'X-Container-Sync-Key': secret_key})'Verified container {0} have sync_host headers set to allow '
         'access from {1}.'.format(container_name, sync_host))

Any advise would be appreciated.

Thanks Greg

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answered 2015-09-23 19:52:14 -0500

gsvi gravatar image

Heard from Rackspace..

You can sync data to CloudFiles but you cannot sync data to CloudFiles.

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